There is no greater time than now for climate action

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Let's turn talk into action, together.

At a time when the cry for both connection and climate has never been louder, the more people who are aware of the existential threat of climate change and are empowered with the knowledge and solutions to make changes in their own communities, the faster we can make a difference.

The Nest Summit 2021

As a climate action 🌎 platform, we are a big believer that collaboration drives change. We also believe that meaningful conversation can inspire action, and that enlightening experiences really have the power to do good.  That's why, as the official event partner of Climate Week NYC, by the Climate Group, The Nest Summit is energizing the climate movement with a third annual in-person and virtual summit this September 21-22, 2021. The climate-committed doers and thinkers from leading companies, NGOs, government, academia, and the community-at-large are uniting during Climate Week NYC at The Nest Summit to share stories, discuss challenges, and spark climate action with the many innovative solutions and pathways to a sustainable planet.  We know that our forces for good are stronger together than they are apart — join the movement along with us ↓

The Nest Summit serves as an accelerator of diverse American climate thought leadership.  This year our ClimateConference will focus on four main themes: Clean Energy, Climate Risk & Impact Investing, Climate Arts, and Industry Changemakers Taking Climate Action 🌎

Activations for climate awareness where the arts, theater, creativity, and climate converge to bring attention to climate change and inspire empathetic action.

Knowledge sharing workshops educating individuals with tangible demonstrations and presentations about how to become part of high-level and everyday solutions to help heal the Earth.


An eco-driven marketplace curated with climate-positive products & programs. ClimateWorks fosters an environment to shop, network, and make important trade connections that support and help bolster the green economy.

With Gratitude

To Our Sponsors & Partners

"It’s not too late to address climate change. We already have enough solutions to stop climate change and more solutions are coming every day and that’s really good news. For the most part, these solutions can make the world better."

Dr. Jonathan Foley | Executive Director of Project Drawdown (2021 Speaker)

“Sustainability is a grand challenge. At The Nest Summit today, everyone is bringing their own expertise to bear and thinking through the problem. It’s about all of us working together in the capacity that we can to advance it. ”

Sarah Orban Salati | EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, NY Power Authority (2021 Speaker)

“When you think about what it takes to really transform transportation and society to be able to move to a high-volume electrification eco-system, there is going to need to be a cultural shift. We are going to have to make sure that customers, both retail and commercial, understand that these vehicles can provide all the functionality that they’ve come to expect from Ford.”

Bob Holycross | Vice President, Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company (2021 Speaker)

“We need to all recognize that there is no success for one company or one country only. When it comes to the climate crisis, it is one goal, one outcome. We need a very rapid and just transition to a 1.5-degree future. It's a commitment to do everything we can to achieve this shared global goal together. ”

Patrick Flynn | VP, Sustainability, Salesforce (2021 Speaker)

“Storytelling can be extremely powerful in hopefully changing hearts and minds of decision makers and thinking about how you’re using that to influence policy or committing people to act.”

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw | CEO, Grist (2021 Speaker)

"You don’t need to be a conservation organization to prioritize climate change, and you don’t need to be a gender-forward organization to prioritize gender equity."

Nehali Anupriya, Adviser, United Nations and Women in Climate Tech Member (2021 Speaker)

"We are in this perpetual feeling of a looming climate crisis but the issue is that we have the solutions and the solutions are waiting for us to pick them up and use them."

Jerome Foster II | Executive Director & Founder, OneMillionOfUs (2021 Speaker)

“Extreme heat disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable residents. It’s actually the deadliest extreme weather event we face all across the entire country. In New York City, we are working to make neighborhoods cooler…to really understand not only which neighborhoods are the hottest but where is the greatest vulnerability. We are targeting street tree plantings and installations of cool roofs in those areas.”

Jainey Bavishi | Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Climate Resiliency (2021 Speaker)

"We have solutions but we don’t have time. While climate change is serious business and we have a lot to do, the future is still there to be written."

Dr. Jonathan Foley | Executive Director of Project Drawdown (2021 Speaker)

“The future of our cities and communities will be closely tied to sustainable, eco-friendly technologies we have available today. We’re proud to partner with The Nest Summit to highlight our work with the Javits Center as a guidepost for both NYC and businesses across the U.S., to demonstrate what’s possible.

Barbara Humpton President and CEO, Siemens USA.

We are really excited to partner with The Nest Summit as an official partner of Climate Week NYC. As the world grapples with a tapestry of challenges, all of which threaten the most vulnerable members of society the hardest, there has never been a more important time to engage with each other so that we can build a better future. The Nest is a vital part of our mission to inspire meaningful change both in New York and around the world.

Adam Lake | Head of Climate Week, The Climate Group

As a leader in the move to create a greener future, New York City is proud to host Climate Week NYC and The Nest Summit. At a critical time for accelerating climate action, The Nest Summit is providing sustainability leaders in business, government and research an outstanding opportunity to advance their efforts in addressing the existential threats of climate change.

Fred Dixon | President & CEO, NYC & Co.

As an iconic venue with the largest green roof and rooftop solar array in New York City, we are honored to host The Nest Summit during Climate Week NYC. The innovative environmental measures we have implemented at the Javits Center has shown the meaningful impact of sustainability on our entire community, an impact on those with wings and on those without. This is the perfect setting to champion the importance of climate action and demonstrate how buildings and corporations can build a better world for all of us.

Alan Steel | President & CEO, The Javits Convention Center

"Deployed wisely, climate solutions can create jobs, improve health, improve security, help reduce inequities and injustices of the past - it’s kind of the key to rebooting a better world."

Dr. Jonathan Foley | Executive Director of Project Drawdown (2021 Speaker)

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