Communicate and Catalyze: How Business Leaders Can Tackle Climate Change

To respond to climate change the world must act with historic speed and effort to survive. Companies will need to transition to wholly embrace the concept of climate risk as well as equity, as core to their corporate identities — and be able to communicate that work externally and internally. Business leaders equipped with the tools to navigate this remarkable change management exercise will be able to control and respond to climate risk rather than be surprised by it. They’ll also be able to marry the work of their climate and DE&I departments to ensure a just transition for all.

In this session, communications industry veteran Helen Bertelli will explain how business leaders can steer their organizations to become powerful catalysts for progress, no matter where on the “readiness path” their organization falls.

You will learn how to:

  •  Leverage Character: For the necessary response to climate change, leaders must rethink the internal and external character of their organizations. Attendees will learn applicable vocabulary and receive practical advice on how to remold their organization’s brand identity to incorporate climate and sustainability initiatives through the lens of business risk.
  • Communicate: How can business leaders communicate about organizational changes internally, unifying employees under the new character of their company? Attendees will understand how to condense these concepts into meaningful language and actionable goals for employees at every level of their organization, including ideas from businesses doing it right.
  • Catalyze: As organizations cultivate a new aspect of their identity for employees to rally behind, Bertelli will delve into how to publicize this transition to the public in a transparent manner that yields the most benefits and encourages support from customers.

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Helen Bertelli

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