Corporate Climate Action That Actually Matters

We’re in a critical moment for corporate climate action. While pressure for corporate climate governance is building and climate regulation is moving ahead, there is still a significant gap between the surface level press releases and the steps needed for real change.

As the effects of climate change - wildfires, rising sea levels and strains on food supply - sweep across the globe, we’re at a moment of maximum urgency. We have no time to waste. Every organization needs to act quickly to accelerate decarbonization and move from a mindset of disclosure and reporting to real and meaningful action.

In this session, Watershed co-founder, Taylor Francis, will provide a blueprint for urgent and impactful corporate climate change to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately reach net zero. This starts with every company looking deep within their supply chain to cut carbon, and continues to fund permanent, high-impact carbon removal. He’ll share real-world examples and results from innovative companies across various industries - including Shopify, Stripe and Airbnb - who are transforming their climate commitments and setting a new standard for climate action that matters.

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Taylor Francis

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