There is no greater time than now for climate action

Join us Sept 21-22 for Climate Week NYC



Let's turn talk into action, together.

At a time when the cry for both connection and climate has never been louder, the more people who are aware of the existential threat of climate change and are empowered with the knowledge and solutions to make changes in their own communities, the faster we can make a difference.

The Nest Summit 2021



As a 365 climate action 🌎 platform, we are a big believer that collaboration drives change. We also believe that meaningful conversation can inspire action, and that enlightening experiences really have the power to do good.  That's why, as the official event partner of Climate Week NYC, by the Climate Group, The Nest Summit is energizing the climate movement with a third annual summit this September 21-22, 2021 along with many other digital features throughout the year. Our forces for good are stronger together than they are apart — see what's in store ↓

Climate Action Network, The Nest Summit


Climate action cannot wait. Providing a balanced, science-based understanding of the many issues facing sustainability is critical to building awareness that leads to solutions-based actions. That’s why we are #CommittedToClimate and expanding our network beyond just one year around the sun.

Year-round climate conversations URL, accelerates action and commitment IRL.

The Nest Summit showcases sustainability initiatives, solutions, and best practices being implemented in the United States throughout the year culminating at a hybrid event - September 21-22, 2021 - during Climate Week NYC, the largest climate action event of the year. We are inviting climate-committed doers and thinkers from leading companies, NGOs, government, and academia to come together at The Nest Summit to share stories, discuss challenges, and spark climate action with the many innovative solutions and pathways to a sustainable planet. 

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Experience For Good, The Nest Summit


Since 2009, Climate Week NYC, by the Climate Group, has gathered the world’s top innovators in knowledge, policy, and climate action. Now at the Javits Center, the nation's largest green venue, The Nest Summit will help expand this mission and energize the climate movement with experiences for good throughout Climate Week NYC and beyond through our 365 network.

The Nest Summit serves as an accelerator of diverse American climate thought leadership.  This year our ClimateConference will focus on Climate Justice & Activism, Clean Energy Economy, Impact Investing, and Taking Climate Action 🌎 with Earth’s guardians and pioneers of the blue and green economies. 

An eco-driven marketplace curated with climate-positive products & programs. ClimateWorks fosters an environment to shop, network, and make important trade connections that support and help bolster the green economy.

Knowledge sharing workshops educating individuals with tangible demonstrations and presentations about how to become part of high-level and everyday solutions to help heal the Earth.

Activations for climate awareness where the arts, theater, creativity, and climate converge to bring attention to climate change and inspire empathetic action.

“We can solve the climate problem by doing things that will make us more prosperous, healthier and safer.”

Carl Pope | Former Executive Director of Sierra Club

“If people knew that it takes 2,400 liters of water to produce a hamburger, would they choose to eat differently?”

Mitch Chait | Founder & CEO, Greenfence

“I do not want to be viewed as a consumer. I want to be a contributor to companies that are creating net positives for the climate and a better future.”

Alexandra Cousteau | Co-Founder & President, Oceans 2050

“We are currently living at the edges of climate change and these edges are being breached with increasing frequency and intensity. The stability of the environment of the last 10,000 years is over.”

Spencer Glendon | Founder, Probable Futures

“If we stay on the current course, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.”

Savannah Miller | VP of Sustainability, Better Earth

The private sector really needs to step in and say we have the opportunity to do well and do good.

Stephan Nicoleau | Managing Director, Head of Capital Formation, FullCycle

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Climate action needs all hands on deck

The climate crisis cannot be solved alone.

Join us Sept 21-22 for Climate Week NYC.

Built for businesses and consumers, The Nest Summit is open to the public, giving businesses and communities a chance to participate in the largest climate action event of the year! Content will be available virtually and on-demand for all who register.