1,001 Voices on Climate Change: Book Launch

Join Climate Museum Director Miranda Massie and Devi Lockwood, author of 1,001 Voices on Climate Change, in conversation at The Nest Summit during Climate Week NYC.

In her essential, warmly engaging new book, published by Simon & Schuster (Tiller Press) in August 2021, Devi Lockwood connects readers with the existential threat of the climate crisis through human-centered storytelling. The conversation at this book launch event will spotlight the vivid stories Lockwood gathered from people on every inhabited continent during a 5 year journey during which she wore a sign that read “Tell me a story about climate change.” Guided by an intense, generous curiosity in her travels around the world, Lockwood listened to those most affected by climate change — with a focus on water impacts including drought, disappearing coastlines, and retreating glaciers — mobilizing the power of storytelling to advance understanding of the climate crisis. This book is a hopeful global listening tour for climate change, channeling the urgency of those who have already glimpsed the future to help us avoid the worst. 

This is a great adventure story, but also a completely necessary book — the climate crisis has reached the point where people around the world feel it, understand it, and talk about it in ways that everyone needs to hear."

Bill McKibben, author, The End of Nature and writer, The New Yorker.



Devi Lockwood


Miranda Massie

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