Climate Activism Using Public Equity Market

Environmental scientists and policy experts around the country agree that the massive wildfires are just the latest indicator that climate change has thrust the U.S., and the world, into a dangerous new era. The time is now; we must make changes and create policies that will help us get into a sustainable course that will create more jobs and help our economy. Sustainability & environmental justice have to be a priority; we must develop policies and bring a comprehensive program that connects equity, environmental justice, racial justice, economic justice, and job creation.

For Climate Week NYC, environmental activist and public servant, Tom Steyer, NextGen America Founder and Co-Chair of California's Business and Jobs Recovery Task Force, discusses these important issues and shares his climate action perspective with Kavita Gupta at The Nest Summit powered by FINTECH.TV.




Kavita Gupta, FINTECH.TV

The Future is Now

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