We are at a tipping point in the climate crisis

But it’s not too late to turn the tides if we collectively act now



Be the solution.

With changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent and more extreme natural disasters - it’s hard to deny that the vitality of our planet and its inhabitants are at stake. To avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, global warming must be capped at 1.5C within 29 years. It is likely to be the hardest challenge mankind has ever faced. Yet, in order to achieve that, science says we must cut global emissions in half over the next 9 years. Clearly, the future of our planet lies in each of our responsible hands and the future is now to do something about it.

Get involved.

The late great Dr. King’s vision for America highlights the importance of collective involvement. He recognized that every individual has their own power to make an impact – and that’s the power to choose and act.  And if one small action adds up with another small action and another small action that's how real impact is created.

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