Rising to Meet Current Challenges: The Rapid Growth of Climate Arts

From fiction to opera to sculpture, climate arts have exploded in the last half decade. Why does this matter for our future? Join Climate Museum Director Miranda Massie to explore the role of the arts in building the deep sense of community that we need to confront the scale and urgency of the climate crisis with both ambition and compassion. With a special guest from the Broadway Green Alliance.

The climate crisis demands a profound transformation of values and emotion from each and all of us. In this session, Massie will speak about the indispensable role of art in catalyzing collective changes in values and in creating necessary space for a full range of climate emotions--both of which are foundational to moving forward together on climate. The presentation will include examples of recent work across creative genres, an ongoing participatory art campaign by the Museum, a special Broadway feature, and an audience Q&A.

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